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The Purple America Coalition is a uniquely unified group comprised of Democrats,
 Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents. We hope you will join our Coalition to advance modern centrist ideals.

Please see below for our principles of affiliation and how to donate and support our cause.

Principles of Affiliation with the Purple America Coalition

Access to most of our research and content is free but requires
 email registration.

Your identity and email address will not be shared with any other
 organization, including any of the political parties. It will never be
 sold for profit.

Our organization relies upon the altruism of like-minded individuals,
 so we appreciate donations to support our cause. We are a 100%
 not for profit organization supported by our founders and members.

The identify of any donor to our platform will not be disclosed
 publicly unless they choose to be publicly affiliated.

Any donation made to our platform will allow for an opt-out of any proceeds to be used for individual candidate advocacy. This will be
 independently audited and confirmed every year.

Join us.

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