Americans have more in common than what divides us.

The path forward is purple.

Is it possible Americans still have more in common than they have differences?
To listen to the voices of
 extremism on either side, amplified by a media circus that feeds financially on anger, fear, and drama, it’s easy 
to believe division is our destiny.
It most certainly is not.

Our Coalition

The Purple America Coalition is a uniquely unified group comprised of Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and
 Independents. What binds us is the common objective of advancing modern centrist principles:

Social Liberty

Equality of Opportunity

Fiscal Sustainability

Inclusive capitalism

Because we believe most Americans agree on the fundamental issues of heart and policy, we work with every
 party to find and embrace the truth that resides in the
 middle. To make sure centrist ideals are at the core of all
 platforms, protected from the fringe.

To that end, we advocate Inclusive Capitalism as the ideal 
economic partner to Democracy. Everyone should have the
 opportunity to participate in America’s prosperity within an 
inclusive system of free enterprise. And we believe a moral
 obligation exists for business, political, and civic leaders to 
pursue this objective. We exist to organize just such a