Our Foundational Beliefs

Assuring the continued success of our great nation depends on our ability to find common ground, and our ability to stop this cycle of outrage, extremism, and division.

Capitalism that works for everyone.

We believe Inclusive Capitalism is the ideal economic partner to Democracy. We reject the government dependency socialist and communist systems produce.

Sustainability is at our core.

We believe we must protect America’s interests while supporting our allies and engaging in sensible trade and environmental agreements. Pragmatic and essential policies to promote environmental sustainability should be embraced. Fair-trade with like-minded nations is critical to our mutual success.

A tax code rooted in fairness.

We believe our tax code should be simple, progressive, and fair. Excessive loopholes to avoid taxation should be closed. Productivity should be encouraged with globally competitive rates. Success should not be punished; no American should pay more in total income taxes than they can direct to their own endeavors, including charitable giving.

An America for every American.

We believe in equality of opportunity and access for all, regardless of race, gender, faith or sexual orientation. But we seek to avoid excessive identity politics that serve only to manipulate and divide us.

A formula like no other.

We believe America’s twin virtues of self-reliance and altruism are truly unique in human history and should remain the foundation of our system.

More perfect union through peaceful progress.

We understand ours in an imperfect history, and we embrace constructive dissatisfaction with the status quo. We believe in always striving to achieve a more perfect, inclusive union.

Principles of Affiliation with the Purple America Coalition.

The Purple America Coalition is a uniquely unified group comprised of Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents. What binds us is the common objective of advancing modern centrist principles:

  • Create a platform for open dialogue and the promotion of modern centrist ideals
  • Pull the two-party system back from catering to the extremes
  • Exert more influence in party primaries to avoid extreme candidates and policies
  • Ensure that leaders from all parties who promote modern centrist ideals are properly recognized and supported
  • Form alliances with other platforms and organizations that share our ideals
  • Engage, only when deemed necessary, in individual races where the risk of falling victim to extreme, non-centrist policies is heightened